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  • Q.       What is to be done in case of a death? 
    Ans: You have to call the treating / family physician if the death takes place at home to verify and certify the death and issue a certificate.
  • Q.       Do we have the help line number? 
    Ans: Yes we have  9431016495, 9431020110 and 9431017530 as a helpline number .
  • Q.       How does the family gets the death certificate from the Municipal Authorities? 
    Ans: On the basis of Certificate of Donation issued by the recipient authorities( Medical College) , the Municipal corporation issues the registration Certificate for Death.
  • Q.       What is Gift of Life? 
    Ans: When we lose the functioning of an organ like kidney or a tissue like bone and skin it is possible put another person's organ or tissue and with modern surgical techniques and drugs; it can be made to work. This is gifting an organ after one ceases to need it any more. This known as transplantation and it is the
  • Q.       What is organ donation? 
    Ans: It means that a person pledges during his lifetime that after death, organs from his/her body can be used for transplantation to help terminally ill patients and giving them a new lease of life.
  • Q.       What organs and Tissues can be donated? 
    Ans: The major donor organs and tissues are heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys, eyes, heart valves, skin, bones, bone marrow, connective tissues, middle ear, blood vessels. Therefore one donor can possibly give gift of life to many terminally ill patients who would not survive otherwise.
  • Q.       What is brain death? 
    Ans: It is the irreversible and permanent cessation of all brain functions Such persons are kept on artificial support (ventilation) to maintain oxygenation of organs so that the organs are in healthy condition until they are removed. Most cases of brain death are the end result of head injuries, brain tumours patients from Intensive care units. Organs of such patients can be transplanted in organ failure patients to provide them a new lease of life.
  • Q.       How is brain death diagnosed? 
    Ans: It is done by independent advice of a team of doctors whose qualification and experience is accepted by the hospital for such purposes. Doctors carry out a set of tests to confirm brain death.
  • Q.       How quickly should the organs be donated? 
    Ans: Healthy organs should be transplanted as soon as possible after brain death from the donor to the recipient.
  • Q.       Who can be a Donor? 
    Ans: Anyone, regardless of age, race or gender can become an organ and tissue donor. If he/she is under the age of 18 years, then the consent of parent or legal guardian is essential. Medical suitability for donation is determined at the time of death.
  • Q.       Who can give consent for organ donation after brain death? 
    Ans: In case of no consent or donor pledge form was filled before death, then the authority to give consent for organ donation lies with the person lawfully in possession of the dead body. Which terminal diseases can be cured by transplant? Here are some terminal diseases which can be cured by the transplantation:-
    Heart heart failure
    Lungs terminal lung illnesses
    Kidneys kidney failure
    Liver liver failure
    Pancreas diabetes
    Eyes blindness
    Heart valve valvular disease
    Skin severe burns
    In fact, organ donation can, in part, fulfil the man's desire to be immortal since the eyes or the heart, kidney, liver etc. can continue to "live" and function long after the person is dead.